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Agnoplay for audio on a next level

Patrick KnopjesPatrick Knopjes

As announced earlier, we were laying the final touches on an advanced mobile player for audio and podcasting, taking the user experience for audio playback on iOS and Android to a next level.
We’re excited to report our 2.0 SDK versions for both iOS and Android are now available for integration. These 2.0 versions contain everything that you may expect from Agnoplay:

Hence… no hassle, lots of fun & flexibility, easy money. What else can you wish for…

Take a look at these screenshots from our advanced podcast player for web and native mobile, offering an audio experience on any of your preferred platform(s).

Feel free to try out our player for iOS and Android by using our Agnoplay reference app. You can download and install it here:

Apple Testflight:
Google Play Store:

In case you’re interested please contact the Agnoplay team. They will tell you all you need to know. Enjoy the Agnoplay experience now!