Season’s Greetings 2022

With the Xmas holidays and the end of the year approaching we would like to briefly reflect on 2022. Although Santa’s sleigh has traveled a steep and bumpy road due to numerous external influences such as Covid, the war against Ukraine, the economic inflation and more,  Agnoplay has succeeded in continuously improving and [...]

Patrick KnopjesPatrick Knopjes

Load… Play… Repeat

Sometimes a video is so interesting that you want your visitors to see it again and again. Or you want a video to keep repeating itself as a kind of decoration on your website. For that use, Agnoplay has developed the so-called loop feature. Especially in combination with other functions such as “Hide Controls“, [...]

Patrick KnopjesPatrick Knopjes

Less is more

Recently, we successfully launched our advanced podcast player for native iOS and Android, providing a smaller and a larger appearance of the player in native apps. After that launch, we were regularly asked whether it would also be possible to facilitate a smaller version of the audio player on web-based frontends. Similar to, for [...]

Patrick KnopjesPatrick Knopjes

Meet Agnoplay at IBC2022

From September 9-12, the IBC2022 will be opening its doors again in Amsterdam. After 2 years without IBC we’re absolutely excited to attend the show, and meet with everyone in person again. We would love to be able to meet with you, and update you on what has been done over the past months, and […]

Patrick KnopjesPatrick Knopjes

Orange for the occasion

In the Netherlands, the home base of our head office, we celebrate King’s Day today! Every year on April 27, it is a national holiday on which the whole country celebrates the birthday of our King Willem-Alexander van Oranje. Because of his family name, van Oranje, which means Orange, the whole country turns orange. Everyone [...]

Patrick KnopjesPatrick Knopjes

When we say JUMP… and more

Since our last update in March we’ve been working on several improvements to our product. Here’s a quick update on 3 of them. JUMP Data-Driven Video As you probably know, one of the strong advantages of Agnoplay is the fact that we have many pre-integrated third-party services, all of which are available at the click [...]

Patrick KnopjesPatrick Knopjes