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Orange for the occasion

Patrick KnopjesPatrick Knopjes

In the Netherlands, the home base of our head office, we celebrate King’s Day today! Every year on April 27, it is a national holiday on which the whole country celebrates the birthday of our King Willem-Alexander van Oranje. Because of his family name, van Oranje, which means Orange, the whole country turns orange. Everyone goes to parties in the streets, bars, etc. and dresses partially in orange for the occasion. You may have seen the same behavior at world football matches or in the crowd cheering for our national F1 hero Max Verstappen.

“Now where is the link to Agnoplay?”, we hear you think. That’s where the power of our solution comes in. If you ever want to change your player’s behaviour “on the fly” for the occasion, Agnoplay gives you that option. With just a few clicks, you can change your player’s colors to orange, or whatever color you want. Of course, not only the colors can be changed. There is much more. You can try it out for yourself on our demo page to get an impression of the possibilities:

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