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Agnoplay for WordPress

Patrick KnopjesPatrick Knopjes

We’re proud to announce that Agnoplay is now available as a WordPress plugin. When you’re an Agnoplay client that’s also using videos, live streams or podcasts within one or multiple WordPress instances, this plugin is a convenient way of using our player solution.

You’ll get the ease of use of working with a simple plugin in a CMS that feels like home, combined with the extendable power of Agnoplay and its realtime control panel. Adding Agnoplay to your content is as easy as working with Gutenberg blocks for YouTube or Vimeo, so you can get started in no time.

Getting started with Agnoplay for WordPress

Before you get started installing Agnoplay for WordPress you will need an active player brand for VOD, Live or Podcast and associated player license key(s). If you didn’t receive this yet, feel free to reach out to your Agnoplay contact for more details. Additionally, you’ll get access to the latest available version of the Agnoplay WordPress plugin.

As with other WordPress plugins, installing Agnoplay is a matter of going to Plugins in your WordPress Dashboard, clicking on ‘Add New’ and then choosing ‘Upload plugin’.

Upload the ZIP you’ve downloaded and then activate the plugin.

Agnoplay WordPress configuration

When you’ve successfully installed the Agnoplay plugin, it’s time to set up your brand(s) and license key(s). In the settings menu, click on ‘Agnoplay settings’.

On the settings screen fill out your brand names and license keys where applicable and save when you’re done.

Adding Agnoplay to your WordPress posts and pages

Now that all is set up, you’re ready to have any media played back by Agnoplay in your posts and pages. Wherever you need a video, live stream or a podcast, add an Agnoplay block in the WordPress editor:

The Agnoplay Gutenberg block

When you’re using a CDN or content provider that’s fully supported by Agnoplay, you can choose the ‘Preconfigured’ input type. This means that, for VOD or podcasts, you’ll only need to specify the unique video ID and Agnoplay will resolve the associated video or podcast title and thumbnail from your provider (which you can still overwrite if you wish to, using the block settings).

For live streams, it’s sufficient to just choose ‘Liveplayer’ in the ‘player type’ dropdown. Everything else can be managed through Agnoplay’s Live Studio product.

If you’d like to specify a custom video or podcast url (and/or title or thumbnail), choose ‘Custom configured’:

The ‘Custom source’ field allows you to specify a direct url to the piece of content you wish to play back using Agnoplay.

The Thumbnail field allows you to upload a custom thumbnail for your video or podcast. You can also pick an image from your WordPress library for this.

When you’re all set and done, your video player will look like this:

From here on, you can further tweak your player styling, features and integrations from the Agnoplay Control Panel or by reaching out to your Agnoplay contact.

Please note: The Agnoplay player is inserted inline in the WordPress page. If your theme overrides default values for e.g. buttons this can also affect the player.

One of the most common issues is that a specific font-size is set for elements on the page. Since the player UI scales based on the font-size, adjusting this value on individual elements may produce unexpected/unwanted results.

If your theme applies these global style changes you can prevent them from affecting the player by appending a :not selector and specifically not-target the affected Agnoplayer elements.

For example, when setting a global font-size, to not affect the sizing of images inside the player, use the code block below in your CSS overrides:

*:not(.video-js) {
  font-size: 12px;

What’s Next?

Agnoplay is continuing to make it easier to integrate a full player solution on your website or app, where you remain in full control over your video architecture. This WordPress plugin requires no real development knowledge and can therefore be installed by anyone with basic WordPress skills.

With that said, we’re continuously looking to expand the ways you can integrate Agnoplay into your CMS of choice. Additionally, we’d like to extend the controls you have over Agnoplay within WordPress in the near future.

We’re hoping you get on well with using our WordPress plugin and are actively looking for feedback that can help us make Agnoplay for WordPress an even greater solution for your media content. Be sure to reach out to us for more details.

While you’re here… don’t forget to download our whitepaper, telling you all about setting up a workflow for audio and video.

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