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Season’s Greetings

Patrick KnopjesPatrick Knopjes

The Agnoplay team wishes you happy holidays and above all a prosperous and healthy new year. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your trust, support and cooperation, which have led to the continuous growth and improvement of our solution. Some examples of product expansion which were only possible thanks to your support and input:

Support for low latency live streaming

Together with our valued partner Mux, we have created support for low latency live streaming in our Agnoplay solution.

Support for Digital Rights Management

We fully support all native DRM solutions such as Widevine, FairPlay and PlayReady.

Seamless integration

With our NPM packages for React, Angular and Vue, we have made life very easy for frontend developers. Integrating Agnoplay into any modern frontend now requires just a few clicks. And when using a WordPress frontend, all you need to do is install our Agnoplay plugin for WordPress.
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Autoplay when in viewport
Many frontends struggle with the question of “autoplay or not autoplay”. The choice not to autoplay is usually triggered because you don’t want a video to autoplay below the fold. The new feature of “Autoplay when in viewport” made that decision quite easy.
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In addition to continuously improving our product, we also would like to share our knowledge and experience. Our experience in setting up a video workflow in particular can be of value to anyone in this area. That is why we have made a white paper in which we tell you everything about the possibilities and pitfalls that you can encounter. Might be interesting to read over the holidays, which is often a time to reflect on your current solution and think about future improvements.
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In summary… 2021 has brought us insights, growth and much more. Including the contact with you personally. We thank you very much for your trust and cooperation. We wish you happy holidays and a wonderful 2022, to you and your family.