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Introducing support for low-latency live streaming

Patrick KnopjesPatrick Knopjes

Live streaming by itself is already quite a hassle to set up properly.  When you want to add interactivity to your live stream, then latency is not something you want your audience to experience. With regular live streaming a delay of 20 seconds and up is normal. Our partner Mux picked up the glove though, and recently announced a public beta of Mux Low-Latency Live Streaming, which is one of the first SaaS products to support Appleā€™s LL-HLS open standard at scale. This offers a low latency capability as low as 4 seconds.

No headaches

To be able to play a low-latency live stream you don’t only need a streaming solution, but you will also need a player which supports this technology. And since Agnoplay is a technology partner from Mux, we’ve been successfully cooperating with them to set up a smooth working workflow. Combining Agnoplay and Mux will allow you to use low-latency live streaming without any headaches. As with everything in our product, it’s just a matter of telling us your needs. Then we will configure your player and you’re good to go.

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