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Agnoplay support for DRM

Patrick KnopjesPatrick Knopjes

We’re excited to announce that Agnoplay provides support for Digital Right Management (DRM) methods like Widevine, FairPlay and PlayReady. With these methods we’re covering about 99% of all DRM needs, enabling DRM on all major combinations of operating systems and browsers.

Setting up Digital Right Management acquires effort on 3 major areas:

Partnership Vualto, a JW Player company

Of course Agnoplay is providing you with a fully agnostic player solution with full support for DRM. The effort for the other 2 areas can create some headaches though. But Agnoplay wouldn’t be Agnoplay if we were not thinking of minimising any hassle for our clients, hence we try to pre-integrate with technology partners which follow the same philosophy. Therefore, we’re proud to announce our partnership with VUDRM, a product of Vualto, a JW Player company. VUDRM is a multi-DRM solution which integrates seamlessly with Agnoplay. VUDRM is studio-approved and highly scalable.

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