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Proud partner of Mux

Patrick KnopjesPatrick Knopjes

Our technology partner Mux announced the debut of their official Mux Partner Program. And Agnoplay has been highlighted as one of the complementary solutions with which Mux has been tightly integrated. Let us tell you a bit more about this integration.

Mux, the developer video platform, provides powerful APIs to improve the video experience in your application. Mux Video for streaming on demand and live video, Mux Data to collect a huge amount of data of your video views, allowing you to analyse the quality of service with regards to your video playback. Agnoplay is pre-integrated with both Mux Video and Mux Data.

Mux Data

For activating Mux Data there’s not much to it. Just provide your Mux environment key to your Agnoplay representative and your Mux Data dashboard will be automatically populated with all relevant data within minutes. You can read the guide here.

Mux Video

If you want to use Mux Video for video delivery, including additional features like poster images, thumbnails on timeline, preview on hover, etc., then Agnoplay is the perfect player solution. Agnoplay has already resolved streaming from Mux for on demand and live streaming, and fully pre-integrated all of their features. You only need to provide the Mux videoID to our player, after which the magic will happen.

“We often hear from developers that Mux helps them get their products to market in a fraction of the time it takes with other services,”  said Eric Elia, Head of Partnerships at Mux. “Agnoplay successfully pre-integrated Mux streaming, analytics, and performance metrics to make it even faster to prototype and ship high-quality streaming experiences on the web and in apps.”

Do you want to hear more about the integration of Agnoplay and Mux? Then don’t hesitate to contact us on