Season’s Greetings

The Agnoplay team wishes you happy holidays and above all a prosperous and healthy new year. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your trust, support and cooperation, which have led to the continuous growth and improvement of our solution. Some examples of product expansion which were only possible […]

Patrick KnopjesPatrick Knopjes

Agnoplay for WordPress

We’re proud to announce that Agnoplay is now available as a WordPress plugin. When you’re an Agnoplay client that’s also using videos, live streams or podcasts within one or multiple WordPress instances, this plugin is a convenient way of using our player solution. You’ll get the ease of use of working with a [...]

Patrick KnopjesPatrick Knopjes

Let’s have a coffee

“We need to start publishing videos, but where do we start?”“We should get better insights into the quality of our video playback, but how?”“I would love to migrate to another CDN, but the hassle is keeping from doing that!”“Why can’t we simply change the look & feel of a player on each [...]

Patrick KnopjesPatrick Knopjes

Agnoplay support for DRM

We’re excited to announce that Agnoplay provides support for Digital Right Management (DRM) methods like Widevine, FairPlay and PlayReady. With these methods we’re covering about 99% of all DRM needs, enabling DRM on all major combinations of operating systems and browsers. Setting up Digital Right Management acquires effort [...]

Patrick KnopjesPatrick Knopjes